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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  February 15, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort ... individualized. right now, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and save 50% on our limited edition bed-plus special offers through monday. lori: happy friday, everyone. i am lori rothman.
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melissa: i am melissa francis. the commodities are just getting crushed. oil and gold are down. we have you covered with live reports from the new york stock exccange and the cme, as well. lori: those of you betting that the house will state the industry from steep spending cuts, well, you may be in for a rude awakening. melissa: robert dilenschneider on what he calls one of the worst nightmares any corporation could have. melissa: more bang for your buck. how you can cash in. let's get you checked in on the stock market. let's head back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides. nicole: we are seeing the dow, nasdaq and s&p all to the downside. we are going to try and hit her that unchanged line.
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trying to get an up arrow rather than a down arrow. all three of the major averages, none of them are down or then one third of 1%. the major averages are not budging at the moment. let's just talk about a couple of things. the mix, the fear index, is to the downside. the lowest level since 2007. we obviously had worries about europe. we also had some good news on manufacturing here in new york, as well as, some good sentiment. melissa: the s&p 500 trying for the longest winning streak in years. now is the time to buy.
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he is not just talking about stocks. joining me now is david kotok. thank you for coming on the show. you think that this is really all about the fed? >> it is all about the fed. it has been about the fed. it will continue to be about the fed. it includes stock prices, real estate prices, real estate, everything but cruise ship tickets is going up. [ laughter ] melissa: things are moving higher. we have not seen anything like this in our lifetime. how long do you think it will last? >> when you are up against a near zero interest rate, although models that you used to value things create huge numbers. the opposite of zero is infinity. we know the stock market cannot go up forever. we could be substantially higher
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over the next couple of years. the upward bias is strong. a little economic news and it gets stronger. you have a mixed economic picture. what we do have is this constant said policy. a very, very low rate. it is very bullish. melissa: it does not matter that we saw the economy contract in the last quarter of last year. back, you know, the consumer is worried about the tax increase that just got 77% of us at the beginning of the year. that does not matter to stocks. maybe those things are positive because it keeps the fed doing what they are doing. >> you said it perfectly. if you line up the things that you just listed, what they say is the policy is extended out. it will take robust economic
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growth to contract the time and they now have some stashed studies that extend that time. who knows whether it is 2017, 19 or 20. the next couple of years we are in this very low interest rate mode. melissa: i see no danger of robust economic growth. what do you think is the turning point, though, when the fed comes in and changes their reaction? >> we have this thing, you know, we have the evidence rule. 6.5% unemployment. on the other hand, you just had said vice chair, out and say that is not enough for us to change policy.
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we may just stay on hold even if we had those numbers. the majority is saying, we will be in this for a long time. until the economic recovery is solid. i think we have to believe them. melissa: how do you pick your bets in this environment? do you buy the index? do you buy etf? do you buy real estate? >> i like etf's. you know that. the symbol is rfp. it says if it is a broadening, rising market, you want to get into the goal weight etf's. you want to get the equal movement. melissa: david kotok, thank you so much for coming on. lori: senate democrats are offering an alternative plan. republicans already saying it
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does not stand a chance. here is rich and sends in washington with the latest. rich: congress settle taxes earlier this year. they are offering a minimum 30% effective tax rate for income for more than a million dollars. cutting spending on the military that appears to drop anyway. ending direct farm subsidies. the white house approves saying republicans in congress face a simple choice. do they protect investments and health care or do they continue to prioritize and protect tax loopholes that benefit the very few? republicans are waiting for the senate to vote first. >> when the senate passes a plan, we will be happy to take a look at it. until they pass a plan, there is no reason for me to comment on
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what they will or will not do. rich: these cuts will continue unless congress passes a law to put this country on a pat to pass the budget in the next decade. back to you. lori: rich and sends, thank you. jeremy joins us. welcome to you. before we get to your investment picks, are you basing your outlook on the expectation that we will see these billions and billions of dollars, march 1? >> we are taking the most conservative base case possible. we want to show them a very risk adverse scenario. lori: okay. with that said, you do see some
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buying opportunities. >> we've used the buying opportunities. they are very low cost. recently, we have seen an upsurge in demand for those vehicles. especially, new vehicles. lori: what exactly does that vehicle do? the switchblade is a westernized ammunition. it offers a low-cost way for the military to gain additional capability while leveraging some of the other products the environment has in its product suite. lori: this is a priority? just to put the spending cuts,
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the sequestration cuts into perspective, these are meat cleaver cuts. we understand a lot of the more household names, if you will, they are on capitol hill asking lawmakers to give them clarity so they can make plans. >> all the contractors have been lobbying very hard. when you look at names that are at risk and our coverage, we have an underweight rating. we think there may be upwards of a billion dollars at risk in their revenue. if you look at where consensus currently is, they are right in the middle of management guidance range. they are not incorporating any sequestration. just about everybody on the
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streets come to conclusion that this will happen in some way, shape or form. lori: who is the best organized for you? >> nobody has really come out and discussed reorganization plans just yet. general dynamics came out and made some comments along the lines that they were looking at some restructuring, possibly. we do not cover general dynamics. you have to go back specifically and look at the conference call transcript. nobody will know exactly what segments they will want to shed until after this is over. that brings on the point of mergers and acquisitions really slowing down ahead of this. lori: understandable. for the average investor, would you recommend holding off on the sector until after this march 1
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deadline? you cannot take these cuts lightly. it is a significant change in the business models for these companies. >> lori, you hit it right on the head. when you look at the march 1 deadline and the end of march, mid april, you think there is a near-term possibility for a pullback in the stocks. those investors that are buying right now, that are putting themselves at more of a significant risk they knew would be if you are holding off a bit, when we look at names, we see a very niche play. we know very specifically where the customer is looking to go in the future. we feel very strongly about it going forward. lori: if you did not believe that washington impacted so much, everyone's daily lives will be impacted so much by this. jeremy, thank you for your take.
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melissa: keep an eye on the sky. we are about an hour and a half from an asteroid flyby here. this all happened as a meteor exploded over russia. lori: rockford, illinois. we will talk about that next. ♪ my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. melissa: as we do every 15 minutes, let's check the market. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: let's start off with herbalife. one of the names that grabbed the headlines since the middle of december. karl icahn owning 13% of shares.
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he believes in the company. unlike, bill ackerman. he thinks it is a house of cards and a peer bids -- and a peer amid scheme. they make packaging for health care, beauty and tobacco industries. it is certainly a stellar performer today. back to you. melissa: thank you so much. lori: president obama talking a lot about a manufacturing renaissance. jeff flock is in rockford, illinois. impressive, jeff. jeff: indeed, lori. i love these old buildings and structures.
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i have the mayor with me. he has been the mayor for eight years here. barber coleman was a giant manufacturer. >> yes, it was. jeff: walk me through this. i want to put some numbers up. we talk about a manufacturing renaissance. they have been shrinking since the 70s. really unabated. the fact is there has been no time in the past, well, 30 years where we had more plants open in a year then plant closed. is there really a renaissance going on? >> there is. we have to be prepared to respond where the market is today. it is not the same when barber coleman was here. jeff: nobody will build a structure like this or actually need a structure like this. >> that is right.
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many times it may be a smaller manufacturer. jeff: i will leave you with one other chart there. that is manufacturer workers. even though we have lost 40% of manufacturing jobs since the 70s, kicking up a little bit in the last two years. a long way to go to get it back to where it once was. some small progress being made. lori: ever so slightly. we will take what we can get. melissa: public relations may be the real mess that carnival needs to clean up. robert dilenschneider weighs in on what the cruise liner needs to do now. lori: tiffany is suing costco over diamonds. the battle over the booing coming up. melissa: take a look at how the dollar is faring. ♪ tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 when i'm trading, i'm totally focused.
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>> i have your fox news minute. they will pursue a charge of premeditated murder of the pre-valentines day shooting of his girlfriend. they dispute the claim that he murdered his girlfriend in the strongest terms. the nomination of former chuck hagel. the senate blocked the nomination yesterday over unrelated questions on president obama's reactions. the venezuelan government had published the first photo of hugo chavez in a cuba hospital since his cancer surgery there. the photo shows chavez smiling while lying in bed surrounded by his daughters and looking at a
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cuban state newspaper. those are your headlines. back to melissa. melissa: thank you so much. commodities getting crushed across the board today. phil flynn is in the pits of the cme. >> there is a real disconnect. there is plenty of supply concern about the manufacturing sector in europe. call it what you want, but oil prices down big today. they are knocking on the door. they could go down a lot more. melissa: i wanted to ask you about gold. we had david kotok on at the beginning of the show. i see it down big today. down $27. is this a golden opportunity? >> yes. absolutely. the big story today, he reduced his holdings by 55%.
1:26 pm
i will tell you, if you go back, almost every time we have had $100 correction this quickly, we usually get a pretty big bounce. melissa: it is an interesting disparity. david kotok making a really good argument for why it will go higher. it is lower today. we will follow this one. will plan, thank you very much. >> thank you. lori: tiffany. tiffany rings for sale at costco. not so fast. now, tiffany taking the dispute all the way to federal court. lauren simonetti has the latest. do not mess with the little blue box. >> no. good afternoon. happy friday. tiffany is suing costco for
1:27 pm
selling fake tiffany diamond rings. this all started last year when a woman in california alerted tiffany to the tiffany diamond sign she saw in her local huntington beach costco. take a look at these pictures. a .7-carat diamond $43,200 a platinum one ^-caret $46,400. tiffany tells me there rings start at $11,000. obviously, a big difference. tiffany's attorney says they want costco to forfeit profits from the sale and they can ask for three times that amount in damages. they think they have the volume to support them. "we now know that there are at least hundreds if not thousands of costco members that think they bought a tiffany engagement ring at costco, which they did
1:28 pm
not. i feel that for many men out there recently who popped the question. ". how do you know if your tiffany diamond is a tiffany diamond? it is inscribed. it will have my characters set into the stone. obviously, just use common sense. lori: we do know that cosco claims the same. tiffany is luxury. they are way over here. costco is known as a discount store. >> we reached out to cosco and tiffany even says they are surprised. costco has a good reputation. the story is just beginning. lori: to be continued. melissa: if you like your brain, you like your ring. who who cares where it came
1:29 pm
from? lori: 4000 people aboard carnival cruise ship. >> every time the boat lifted orleans, the sewage would spill over. that was what became the primary problem was this terrible odor. melissa: oh, my gosh. the nightmare is over for the passengers. it may just be beginning for carnival. ♪
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melissa: time for stocks now. as we do every 15 minutes, let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange. our nicole petallides is standing by. nicole is watching ups shares. >> at the post it is up 1%. ups is over here. 83.50. that is gain of nearly 1% as the company is racing its dividend again by nearly 9%. that is one piece of good news. coupled with the fact they also announced a $10 billion share buyback. raise the dividend it has more than tripled since the year 2000. the stock is back to levels we haven't seen since 2006, 2005. so certainly a nice run for ups. much like the dow jones industrials and s&p hitting near the five-year highs and multiyear highs. ups goes into the category with share holder value with
1:34 pm
the move. back to you. melissa: nicole, thanks so much. lori: the nightmare is finally over at least for the passengers of the carnival triumph. they're on their way home after days and days being stranded on that disabled ship. fox news's jonathan serrie has the latest from mobile, alabama. >> some passengers are already home. others will board flights throughout the day. carnival chartered a total of 20 jets and 100 buses to bring the passengers from the cruise port where i am right now in mobile, alabama, to various destinations. including new orleans, where those charter flights are going out of, and also houston and galveston, texas where the cruise originated. as for the passengers, everyone seemed relieved to be on dry land but when it came to the conditions they endured on the ship many passengers seemed to take it all in stride. listen. >> we got some stories on the internet how bad, there was, like, you know, stuff dripping down the walls and things like that. yes, there were places where there was.
1:35 pm
i definitely saw some very disgusting things but, i felt that, you know, under the circumstances, it could have been a lot worse. >> carnival officials minimizing some of the damage by offering to reimburse each passenger, not only for the cost of this cruise but also providing a credit towards a future cruise. and providing each passenger with $500 in cash in addition to reimbursing any additional travel expenses they incur on the ride home. lori: at least it is something they're receiving. that was fox news's jonathan serrie for you. melissa: my next guest says the try all disaster was the company's worst pr nightmare, you think? it might take all hands on deck effort to scrub the tarnish off carnival's reputation. robert dilenschneider of the dilenschneider group. thanks for coming on the show. there are some images that will stick with us. one i saw the woman kissing
1:36 pm
the ground and she was interviewed her later. they asked her and she will give you $500 and a free cruise. she said i will never get on a cruise ship the rest of my life. that says it. there she sis. this is the one. said i'm not going to do this again. as a viewer at home watching this, i too will never get on a cruise ship. how do you battle back against that as a company? >> well, carnival had some really serious challenges at the very outset which i think they didn't really handle all the best, but going forward they have huge challenges. they have challenges with the consuming public. they have challenges from their competitors. they have lost a billion dollars in market capitalization. so they have challenges with the financial community. they have to demonstrate that they have a very safe, checked out cruise line where there is never going to happen again. this is going to be a major challenge for them. melissa: how do you do that? how do you communicate with people this won't happen again with had it seems like
1:37 pm
it happens a lot. my family was trying to convince me to go on a cruise. i feel like you turn on the television you always see stories about people stranded in horrible conditions or getting norovirus at sea. sure enough that was over christmas. in february we're watching very thing play out. >> it is happening more and more in a very complex society. what they have to do is bring in the best experts they can possibly fine to demonstrate that the various parts of their cruise line are safe. and are going forward. that's what they really have to do. melissa: what do you mean? you get scientists? get engineers? ntsb and people come out and say we have checked out every single carnival ship and we swear this will never happen again. >> you get the people and carnival passengers to validate the fact they will try again. in other words you have to get this behind you and go forward and demonstrate that the cruise line is safe, this isn't going to happen again and they're going to have a good experience. melissa: what should they do for the passengers that came off? do they have to, is that part of rehabilitation of
1:38 pm
their image? >> they have done a lot. i think this will be forgotten in a short amount of time, except by the passengers of course. but they have done a lot and i don't think they have to do much more. what they should have done at the very outset, dimensionalize the problem. they let the problem get out of hand. consequently the news media took it over and what the problem was demonstrating the problem for them than demonstrating the what the problem was. melissa: as someone in the public i feel this happens all the time that we see stories like this. how do they overcome that? >> it is happening again and again. we're seeing it with the dreamliner. we're seeing it with all kinds of different modes of transportation. highly complex society. the only way to really deal with this is make sure that your product, your carrier, your convenience, is a safe as possible going forward. melissa: okay. robert, thank you very much for coming on. appreciate your time. >> thank you. lori: and next we're off to miami where folks are a little more excited to get on a boat. melissa: right. lori: more than 100,000
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people expected to attend this year's boat show and our own cheryl casone is taking the world's most luxurious boats on a test drive. melissa: putting your money under a mattress doesn't cut it anymore. we'll introduce you to a company offering a 4% return on your checking account. details ahead. ♪ ♪. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello?
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>> good afternoon, i'm sandra with your fox business brief. the federal reserve found industrial production slipped in january on declines in manufacturing and mining. january was down .is%, ending two months of production gains. december was up .4% and november industrial production was up 1.4%. airbus's dropping lithium ion batteries from its new a350 airliner. the european plane maker is switching to standard batteries due to concerns regulatory and certification issues could delay initial deliveries of the planes. this comes after battery incidents on rival boeing's new 787 dreamliner last month. dream works is announcing a alliance to develop three parks in russia.
1:42 pm
the three indoor parks will be largest in europe. they will be located in moscow, st. petersburg and central russia. that's the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper
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melissa: the five-day long miami boat show drawses over 100,000 visitors every year. nearly half of them come from out-of-state to see thousands of new boats and yachts. cheryl casone sealed sailed on down to the show from new york. we're so jealous. cheryl, how is it? >> well, it is a little rainy right now to be honest, melissa and lori. still 100,000 visitors expected over five days as you mentioned for the miami international boat show. one of the things we're seeing this year in particular, during the great recession boat sales like many things were down but power boat sales jumped 10% last year. still the price point of those boats, a bit of a contentious issue of the how do you go, from well, building and selling a yacht which in the last hour of
1:44 pm
markets now on fox business to reaching out to the lower end consumer to make it affordable for them to buy a boat? that is what jim lane, president of chaparral boats is doing. you introduced a whole new line, a $20,000 line to get the lower tier customer into the door. >> yes, that's very true, cheryl. we build boats from 18 to 42 feet. >> right. >> but the very top end the markets with very slow. we wanted to go back and build entry level product. and as a result our revenue it up 40% over last year. we found that customers like entry level product. >> you shipped about 26 countries. how is the international buyer right now? >> international buyer has been very strong. but on the other hand, we have found it is not as strong as it was again prior to the downturn. >> your sales have been higher but obviously prices have been lower. that is one of the things you've had to do. at what point do you, you got 160 profitable quarters in your company's history. 50-year history of chaparral
1:45 pm
boats by the way. are you worried at what point will you break the prices get too low, sales volume, it is not same amount of profit margins for you. what do you do? >> the profit margins are definitely off but for us the real benefit the people we're selling to now will ultimately move up to our larger product that does carry a higher margin. so we're very happy what we're doing. we did that with our second brand, robalo, entry level product. move up to the larger boats on next product go round. >> more than 2012250,000 power boats were sold. there was a little bit after build with power boat sales. 6% of the florida's boats are sitting right here in the miami bay. have you been getting traffic and interest from buyers over the weekend? >> we have. the miami international boat show is very important for us because it is an international show. we bring in an international sales group. we entertain our
1:46 pm
international dealers. and everyone that we meet is very interested in boats at this time. very positive. >> well, jim lane, chaparral boats, 50 years in business. nashville, georgia. all the boats are made in the united states. so made in the u.s., sold from the united states. >> that's absolutely correct. we're very pleased. >> jim, thank you very much. good to have you on fox business and markets now. we'll talk to another ceo of another boat company. you probably heard the name, one of the biggest boat companies in the world. dusty mccoy, chairman and ceo of brunswick. they make the sea ray. they target the upper income customer. europe is a big market for them. we'll talk how the europeans are doing and if there is any margin issues there also we'll play with some toys in the next hour of markets now. melissa: look forward to that. cheryl casone, thank you very much. lori: best assignment of the
1:47 pm
week in miami. thank you, cheryl. it is quarter too as we do every 15 minutes let's check the markets. nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. >> we're looking here at burger king. shares have been on the rise. they came out with fourth quarter results. they're working on marketing trying to beef it up and move into the second spot in the hamburger world. they're also beefing up the drinks and lattes and such. they have said they achieved some revenue did drop because of currency headwinds. doing well and up 4.25% for burger king. smucker's, shares are moving here to new all-time high on earnings but now pulling back a little bit. certainly one to watch. back to you. lori: always a pleasure. thanks. lori: nicole. melissa: getting the most bang for your buck. we'll tell you about a checking account offering you a 4% return. lori: plus an asteroid half the size of a football field hurdling toward earth? this after a meteor explosion over russia that injured some people. how worried should we be
1:48 pm
about this? melissa: very worried. ♪ .
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lori: all right. with interest rates hovering near zero and stocks climbing toward all-time highs leaving your cash in the bank may seem like a bad idea. but there may be a alternative. a checking account that pace up to 4% interest? joining me the man in charge of this. ceo of casas.
1:52 pm
sounds too good to be true. tell me about this checking account. >> well, it is a fantastic account. it is not too big to be true. we were birthed out of a lot of research, all things being equal, consumers would rather bank at community financial institution or credit union. they don't know there are great accounts out there at the institution of we created the can sass is a brand that means you will be great rewards. lori: kasasa services megabanks or retail banks. if i'm average joe going into corner branch i can ask for kasasa. i hear they offer 3, 4% checking account. can i apply for this? is that how it works? is it as simple? >> not exactly. we don't serve the megabanks. kasasa was designed to give service to from community institutions. they can go to
1:53 pm
put in their zip code and find and account near them. lori: go over conditions. you have to get an e statement. you have to log on to online banking. do all of your banking, all of the checkbook balancing online. you have to use your debit card 10 times. what time frame for the latter condition? one month? >> first thing you don't have to do that stuff. if you don't do those things the account is free. no minimum balance. no penalty if you doesn't do those things. if you do them things, we call them qualification criteria doing them over course of a month, free atms nationwide and get a great interest rate. lori: okay. is there a cap on the amount of money that can earn the maximum interest rate? and how is that determined? >> typically there is a cap on how much earns the high rate of interest. each bank or credit union sets that cap by their own discretion. lori: we're looking at graphic showing a range of 5 to $50,000. that is quite wide. what questions should i be asking to find out what i would be eligible for?
1:54 pm
>> well everybody is eligible for the account if they go to they find what account has the right cap for them. most consumers, about 75% of them. have balances less than $5,000. so, having a cap, you know at $50,000 throw as huge net and allows average, every day consumers to get same kind of interest rates heretofore only available to america's wealthiest consumers. lori: how much interest have you guys paid out so far with the program. >> last four years we paid out $6 million. which i'm proud of. free accounts with no minimum balance. that is pretty awesome. lori: gabe, kasasa. 3 to 4% checking accounts. check it out. thank you, sir. >> thank you. melissa: so it is the stuff of sci-fi movies. an asteroid is approaching earth but earlier today a meteor streaked across the sky and exploded over russia. hundreds have been insured from the 10 ton meteor traveling at super sonic speed. it broke apart 25 miles
1:55 pm
above-ground. the pieces are responsible for damaging windows or breaking windows and that was the sonic boom. causing injuries as well. somehow totally unrelated the an asteroid the size of a half a football field will pass earth at 2:42 eastern. fox's phil keating is in miami with the story. >> hi. this asteroid named da-14 is screaming toward earth as we speak. it is still on approach. at the latest look it's about 19,000 miles away from planet earth and like i said it is still approaching. the closest approach is about half an hour from now. that is scheduled for 2:24 p.m., eastern time. scheduled by the observing astronomer community. it will be over indonesia and sumatra. due to the time of day it is too bright in the u.s. to see with our telescopes. thanks to australia and nasa we can see imagery coming in from the eastern hemisphere. astronomers worldwide are
1:56 pm
watching, excited but not too worried. >> this asteroid is half a football field long but roughly the size of a 12 story building like this. and that is big enough to wipe out a city. but scientists say that is not going to happen. the real threat here though, is to communication satellites like the ones we use at fox news. the geosynchronous at 22,000 miles around the earth. at 1:24 eastern this asteroid penetrated the plane. there is no report of a satellite hit. it must exit the plane at 2:24 eastern. but scientists do not expect any collisions to happen. this is not only one out there. they are flying near earth's orbit. astronomers and telescopes around the planet are always looking up. >> we've seen and tracked about 9,000 of them right now. and about a thousand of them are potentially hazardous. so we look at those
1:57 pm
carefully. it turns out we're safe from those for many hundreds of years. >> the 1908 event in russia which leveled, wiped out forests for00 of miles, and the 50,000-year-old massive meteor crater in northern arizona, both of those events attributed to an asteroid roughly the same size as this one. so really it is a darn good thing that this is just a fly-by, a close call and not a direct impact. but, down the road, perhaps hundreds of years from now, that could be a the case. back to you. melissa: wow, that is a lot of flying rocks for one day and you corrected me. it is true. i want to get it exactly right because we'll go outside and look. i'm kidding you can't go outside and look. 2:24 eastern. that is very soon. phil keating, thanks so much. >> all right. happy weekend. lori: you too, phil. we're like a sitting duck. like a spaceship without a cover flying through the galaxy, you never know. melissa: could end up like
1:58 pm
the dinosaurs, boom. >> it is not funny but said for hundreds of years the scientists that we're okay for a near-earth collision or however they characterize it. trading week is wrapping up. transcanada chief russell gerling weighs in on oil prices, keystone pipeline and much more. tracy byrnes, ashley webster next on fox business's markets now. ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with papermoney to test-drive the market. ♪ all on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade.
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2:01 pm
tracy: happy friday, i'm tracy byrnes. ashley: tgif. i'm ashley webster. with two hours to go stocks are headed well, for a mixed week. s&p 500 could score its winning week streak to number seven. that hasn't happened in more than two years. sam stovall will break down the market's next moves straight ahead. tracy: transcanada hoping to win the government's blessing for the keystone pipeline extension in the
2:02 pm
next few months. will president obama's failure to mention keystone in the state of the union address whip up the environmental protests against it? daryl hannah not included. transcanada ceo russell girling is our special guest in moments. ashley: the miami boat show kicking off what is expected to be a rebound year for luxury yachts. knot for me. cheryl casone live with one of the biggest names in boating, brunswick chief, dusty mccoy. tracy: next year is the yacht. ashley: i'm waiting. dream on. tracy: top of the hour. time for stocks, as we do every 15 minutes, nicole petallides on the floor of the exchange. the dow turned positive, that is something. >> i'm sorry, ashley, i can't get awe yacht. that is something considering we spent most of the day slightly in the red. now we're slightly in the green. so it is a positive tone of the shows you with the vix, the fear index, at the lowest levels since 2007, the market continues to have
2:03 pm
that upward trend. this is the trend analysts are saying don't fight the tape because the trend remains to the upside. here is a look at dow jones industrials. 13,984. it will look like it will clock a losing week. s&p on the other hand would be 7th straight weekly gain, the most in two years to see that kind of trend. look at the s&p 500 over the past two months. you can see the gains there. we'll look at mover in particular, herbalife. carl icahn disclosing his stake of 13% in the company. believes in the company. considering strategic all turns for the billionaire. he has been taking on bill ackman at pershing. bill ackman reiterated his whole view that he thinks herbalife is house of cards, a ponzi scheme, a pyramid. yet carl icahn has made it known he think that is the investigation, the way that bill ackman does that is not with expertise. they certainly have a back and forth happening. hear is the stock up 8%, the fight goes on.
2:04 pm
nicole, thank you very much. new concerns about the economy after american factories slowed down production last month. the federal reserve says industrial production dropped .1 of a percent between december and january. factory output fell .4 of a percent after rising in november and december. the drop largely due to sharp 3.2% decline of production of autos and auto parts. the january slowdown comes as the auto industry posted its best sales in five years in 2012. meanwhile president obama has been touting what he calls a manufacturing renaissance in this country but a closer look at the numbers reveals while many new plants have opened even more have closed. jeff flock is at one abandoned factory in rockford, illinois with more on that sorry. -- story, jeff. >> unfortunately not just one abandoned factory in the u.s. many of them in places like rockford and other big manufacturing towns. we wanted to put perspective on what the president said. we reported on ourselves on
2:05 pm
reshoring of jobs and an expansion in manufacturing in terms of jobs, but, you need to put perspective on that. take a look at the numbers about. if you look at the number of manufacturing jobs, say in the '70s, at its peak. well, we've had 40% decline since then. if you look at the end of that chart, maybe you see some small tick up but it is pretty small. and in another interesting note, and this is what you report, ashley, this is a study commissioned by the trade group, for the manufacturers, they found that when it comes to opening plants, actually the real number of plants that exist in this country has been declining since the '70s, steadily with no abatement. if you look at number about plants in any one month or year, the number open compared to the number closed, far more closed than open. that's the sad story of this. it has left a lot of rusting and decaying hulks like this one. this was the barbara coleman company in rockford, illinois. it made everything that made
2:06 pm
manufacturing go. the machinery, the motors, the gears, the tools. 65 acres of buildings like this one that i am looking at right now. right now it is owned by the city of rockford trying to redevelop it but it is very, have hard to do that these days. maybe a small renaissance is going but it is small and there's a lot of big like this left. ashley: jeff, a picture is worth a thousand words. and boy, in the middle of that big abandoned building. jeff flock, great stuff. thank you so much. tracy: yeah. kudos to the camera crew. ashley: yaw. tracy: the proposed key tone pipeline is back in the spotlight. environmentalists are seizing on the fact that president obama didn't talk about it and caught up in climaae change in his address. ceo russ girl something confident the pipeline will be approved in the first half of the year.
2:07 pm
he joins us by phone. thanks for taking the time. why are you so confident? the president is in? knot looking to garner votes anymore? let's push this thing through? >> i remain confident the facts are that the united states imports nine to 10 million barrels a day today. under any forecast by the eia suggest imports stay between three and seven million barrels a day through 2035. the only question here where they want to get the oil from. do you want to get it from canada or someplace else around the world? i would think logically you would conclude if you buy it in canada it is more secure and you get a whole bunch of jobs with respect to the building a pipeline in the united states to supply the oil. i continue to be confident this pipeline will get built. tracy: a whole bunch, estimates say 20,000 jobs. you've been waiting 4 1/2 years for approval of this pipeline. i have to give you kudos for your patience on this. it must be truss straighting to think that a --
2:08 pm
frustrating to think a bunch environmentalists could put a halt on a huge project on this? >> the most frustrating part of that to me is the misinformation that is being put out there that, the notion that this is the, this is the worse carbon threat in the world. there is no factual base that underpins that. it produces 48 million tons a year. anybody can go on the environment canada web site pick up the number. that is .1 percent of global emissions. by no means is it close to biggest threat from carbon perspective. tracy: a lot of people don't realize this pipeline will move american crude as well. it is not just moving crude from alberta, which is the third largest crude resource in the world right now, all the way down through texas. we're moving our own oil as well? >> that's very important fact. that it is grown since we made our first application for the keystone pipeline. the tide oil shale plays in
2:09 pm
the u.s. have grown quite considerably. there is huge opportunity to continue to grow. that is being railed out of places like the bakken. crude wants to get on to our pipeline as quickly as we can. we have made capacity available for that, about 250,000 barrels a day of the capacity of the pipeline has been dedicated to u.s. production. tracy: right. you know, we get this pipeline underway, this puts your place in the oil world, i mean catapults you guys as a company, as a player in the industry. your stock has been up in anticipation it will be approved. you guys raised the dividend 3.6% as your dividend of the talk about earnings report a little it about. i know you missed on the revenue side, but, thus far pretty good as far as profit goes. >> i think we're well-positioned for the future. obviously like all companies that have some commodity exposure our earnings were impacted a bit through 2012. i expect that will come back as the economy recovers and
2:10 pm
gas and power prices recover. as we go forward we're well-positioned with things like keystone pipeline but we've also signed about, you know, another $15 billion worth of opportunities this year to build infrastructure in canada and mexico and in the united states, which i think will, you know, goes as well to, where our earnings and dividend are going in the future. tracy: russ girling, fingers crossed for you here. transcanada president and ceo. we really hopes this goes through. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. tracy: ash, a lot of people don't realize we're only awaiting approval on the bottom half. ashley: yeah. tracy: most of it is built already. talking about oklahoma to the gulf. ashley: it has been a tortuous process. tracy: they could have gone somewhere else. ashley: they could have. what will the chinese new year and the year of the snake tell us about the stock market? s&p strategist sam stovall says, you know what? a lot of. he explains coming up.
2:11 pm
tracy: democrats want billions more in tax revenue in order to stop defense cuts. this is two weeks away now. is there a new plan? is it a big waste of time? we're looking for answers ahead. first as we do every day at this time of day let's take a look how oil is trading especially since we were talking about it. down $1.94. $95.37 a barrel. that is almost a go% drop. -- two% drop. we'll be right back.
2:12 pm
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
tracy: it is time to make some money with charles payne. this hour he has a stock pick in the health care sector. that is not like you. >> it is not like me but it is a high-risk play. tracy: there we go. >> this is a just a hot, hot biotech stock for a long time. then last year aetna said they were going to change some of their rei am busment on their product. their main product is a compound used for a whole
2:15 pm
lot of indication is. infant spasms, ms, kid any disorders the. ashley: yeah. >> when they did that the stock got hammered. when the got hammered ambulance chasers came out. it got hammerrd even more. trading 3.7 million shares. it will trade maybe 200% more than average daily volume. it is not ready to break out. that comes out with a close at 30. i like the risk/reward. no other insurance companies came out to the deagree aetna has to change their policies. we haven't seen what physicians will do. they still have the opportunity use the drug but rival drug is cheaper. ashley: stock buyback action on the stock. what does that tell you? >> management is trying to make a statement that this is bump in the road or much ado about nothing. i like to see more insider buying. tell you what, 51% of the float is short right now,
2:16 pm
guys. third quarter sales are up 65%. earnings up 160%. this is company that is doing extraordinarily well in a lot of different places. what derailed them i think was something that's, i don't think there will be a recurring event, the aetna news. this could be a big one. i will caution though, with anytime you have that type of a short, tracy, you know, there's people always out to push a stock down. >> i want to reiterate, stop losses used at 26.90? play it close to the vest, 26.90. 26.50. you don't want to use that much on it. it is high beta name. that is extraordinarily volatile. you don't want to get stomped out too soon only to see it go higher later. tracy: thank you, charles. >> thank you. ashley: time to check the markets. the dow is moving lower. nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. where we go of course every 15 minutes. nicole. >> easy come, easy go. we have the dow slightly
2:17 pm
higher and slightly lower for the dow jones industrials. something to the downside for most of this week is gold. look at gold. the one-week chart shows you how it has been selling off. today down about 2%. that is loss of $27. you have 29 here. either way a big loss for gold. over in china, holiday, lunar new year. china is a big market. they have been taking a break for the lunar new year. the experts anticipate once the week gets back to normal and get back to the marketplace you may see gold turn around. here is some of the gold stocks, gold related stocks. you see losses of two, 3%. another thing we should factor in what a strong dollar we had recently, particularly yesterday when we got the news about the losing economies of germany, italy and france. that too. strong dollar will pressure gold. back to you. ashley: good point. thank you, nicole. thank you so much. we'll be back in 15 minutes. tracy: coming up, have stocks hit their ceiling for
2:18 pm
2013 or is there more room to go? s&p capitalism q chief strategist, sam stovall, will weigh in on that next. ashley: let's look at the good ol' u.s. dollar. euro is against the dollar. the pound up. it's a mixed picture. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional invesestors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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>> at 20 minutes past the hour i'm arthel neville with your fox news minute. the russian news agency is saying nearly 1000 people have been injured by a falling meteor that streaked through the skies over the ural mountains. it set off blasts that shattered windows and damaged hundreds of buildings. the u.s. is calling on north korea to refrain from additional provocative actions after reports of plans for more nuclear tests. north korea has told its ally, china, it is prepared to stage one or two more nuclear tests and possibly another rocket launch. reuters says the information comes from a source with direct access to top levels of government in both countries. and breaking news. a passenger aboard the carnival triumph has just filed a lawsuit against the company. reuters reports the plaintiff says that she was forced to endure, quote, deplorable, unsafe and
2:23 pm
unsanitary conditions on the ship. she is seeking damages for physical and emotional injuries. and that's your fox news minute. get you back now to ashley. ashley: arthel neville. thank you so much. appreciate it. tracy: as the market take as pause from the recent rally a handful of understood stocks are hitting new highs. sandra smith takes a closer look in today's trade. >> we are. don't underestimate the power of food stocks. investors are hungry to gobble up food stocks. i know. that was good friday afternoon one. general mills hitting all-time high. go back as far as we can here. a five-year chart. it keeps on going. the cereal making up a little bit but enough to put it to a record high. we had hormel hitting all-time high. right about the unchanged mark. there is the five-year look there. with a name like smucker's it's got to be good. smucker's down right now but hit a record high session on earnings that were very strong for the company. kraft foods probably the
2:24 pm
biggest of the major consumer food stocks out there, down a little bit right now. there's a look at the five-year chart. it too right near its all-time high. year-to-date would be better look at the stock. investors are buying up kraft foods. fourth quarter profits were down 72% but they raised their outlook, we have that what do we do with the stock sort of action in the trading. campbell soup also reporting today. that stock hitting a nice 1% boost after that. they're expanding production over in mexico and also pilgrims pride, guys, there is still, ashley and tracy, concern about food prices. higher grain prices are more food prices go up. that is problem for pilgrim's pride. that stock is down 6%. tracy: people still like cheerios. ashley: it is not cheap. interesting story now, could the year of the snake be venomous for investors? hmmm. my next guest looked at s&p
2:25 pm
500's performance during previous years of the snake. guess what? he found it as an ominous sign for the markets. joining me sam stovall, s&p equity strategist at. you've gone back in the history books. you're a market historian. so you love this stuff. you look at chinese zodiac, the year of the snake which we're in now hasn't traditionally been very good for the markets. >> no it hasn't. i do like looking back in history but unfortunately i don't like when i see when it comes to the year of the snake. the average price change is a decline of close to 4%. the market fell in basically two out of every three observations. of course realizing that there is no guaranty that will happen going forward. ashley: sure. but no correlation to anything else? just coincidence? >> no, that's a good question. you do have to realize, if you're looking at indicators you want to make sure there is something called causation along with the correlation. meaning what causes it to happen?
2:26 pm
there is no causation with the super bowl theory. there is no causation with numerology. did you know that the year-ending in five have never gone down? but with the year of the snake it is a first year of a four-year presidential cycle. which is usually not as good as the other three years. ashley: you look back in history, the u.s. entered world war i on the year of the snake. 29 stock market crash. japanese attacking pearl harbor, 9/11, all happened in the year of the snake. that is very interesting. let's get what is going on in markets now, sam, if we can. a lot of big deals up 25% since the beginning of the year. you got to be encouraged by that. are you? >> absolutely. when you realize a trillion dollars of cash is on books of nonfinancial companies in s&p 500, pretty much itching to be put to work, 40% is found in the technology space. about 20% in health care, you got to wonder how are they going to put this money to work? dividends, yes.
2:27 pm
share buybacks, yes? investing in themselves? capital expenditures, yes. then also mergers and acquisition activity, if you can't grow it organically, well then you just buy it and you have instant market share. ashley: so where do the markets go from here? seems like they're kind of stalled out right now, perhaps waiting to see what is happening in washington. we've got the big automatic cuts that kick in on march 1st. >> that's right. there is usually what is called a correction that takes place and it happens either in price or in time. meaning that if the market basically goes nowhere for a while, that is what is called a correction in time. so the markets tend to digest themselves and as we move forward we get more earnings, et cetera, then the valuations become a little more attractive. we could also see a correction in price where we actually go down to prior levels, give back some of the gains or digest them as we like to say. and then that would cause investors to say, oh, i have lower prices. i missed the rally. let me get back in. ashley: so where do the
2:28 pm
markets go from here? >> think that they probably see a bit of what i call a pullback, five to 10% decline. but then i think we go back and we challenge the all-time high of 1565 in the s&p 500. we're going to need some sort of a catalyst to push us up to that level. ashley: right. >> maybe some sort of an agreement coming out of washington. maybe it he is better than expected payroll data, or proof in a sense that the tra projects tri of the economic growth is improving. but i think we're going to need something to get us over this hump -- trajectory. ashley: many people said we need a healthy pullback before moving higher. the best year of the chinese zodiac, the year of the pig, is that right? >> that's correct. up 28% on average. coincides with the third year of a president's term of office. ashley: that is due up next, 2015 a year ends in five and hasn't declined since 1900. >> you were listening.
2:29 pm
ashley: i'm paying attention. that is fascinating. sam, thanks for being here. tracy, the year of the pig, 2015, two very good traditionally signs for the markets. so 2015. heard it here first. tracy: all-in, 2015. coming up the dow taking a sharp dive this hour. nicole petallides will tell us what is going on next. but we've got to first hear some of the biggest names in the fashion business have to say about the state of our economy. ashley: let's look at some of today's winners and losers. the dow is starting to run out of steam, down 55 points. but on the s&p we have some winners. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai,
2:30 pm
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2:33 pm
ashley: breaking news. nasa says that 150 ft asteroid that could do a lot of damage has safely past earth. it is the closest approach for a rock that large. look at nasa's image of the asteroid. there it is. passing by. this can be put on standby, doesn't need to jump on that thing and blow it up. it has come and gone. tracy: medical last thing you think you have to worry about. ashley: when you see that footage out of russia i am fascinated by that. it has done a lot of damage and a lot of people injured. from asteroids to the stock market how fast we go to the stock exchange where nicole petallides is standing by. nicole: we turned to the red
2:34 pm
adair jenny murray sent out a memo of february 12th noting sales for the month of a total disaster. according to bloomberg, you noted walmart under pressure and the payroll tax is something noting consumer spending. >> taxes will have an impact on economic health. walmart is the ultimate bellwether for the consumer of the united states, the consumer in the economy. nicole: walmart is saying this is the worst start in seven years, the particular guy who wrote this memo. will lot of companies a this? our whole 14,000, test of the all-time high? will this factor in? >> we will see. of course walmart being the ultimate discounter if they say this i expect to see it from other people and seven years ago, 2006 approaching highs in
2:35 pm
the marketplace and we start taking it down. we will see a little friction for the last couple weeks, the linchpin that will start it. nicole: we appreciate your coming on fox business, you are always great. ashley: walmart a bit of a drag, we will be back with you in 15 minutes. tracy: fashion week, lights up last night and gerri willis, got to talk to the biggest names and joins us now. gerri: you can't believe it. [talking over each other] gerri: they think like so many seasons ahead. [talking over each other] gerri: we talk to -- i am sorry.
2:36 pm
who is -- looked at her fingernails. her clothes were unbelievably gorgeous. the colors are purple, the colors are deep red like a slopey kind of red coming for palm next year. i went to my first fashion show, she spent $40,000 commissioning of a piece of music to play at this. it was a british classical composer. gorgeous. you are seeing her designs. we spoke to them too. they were fascinating because they aim to talk about high end customer. what is she doing? is she buying? news was not good. >> is still not easy. i think it is tough. like i said, a woman appreciates something beautiful and there's a little space for that in her
2:37 pm
life. it is still not easy. gerri: the gold dress they had, it was gorgeous. it was evening wear, full length. tracy: i warbled to my senior from. so many of the high ends are doing lower end line just to keep the name out there. [talking over each other] gerri: sc 8 line, love it and also funnels women, get the news to her designs so at some point they might step up and buy a nut other stuff. we find this important because the dying of fashion is in think of apple as the ultimate design company because everybody made laptops, everybody made cellphones but they made one that was different because of the way they were designed. there's a lot of money in this and we will follow it.
2:38 pm
and tonight -- i am sorry. i am excited about this. i told you we went to one of these shows and they have all the chairs sitting there labeled by who is sitting there so i found at a winter's channa wint sat in it. and not short and they tower over me and smoke cigarettes. make sure you tune in tonight, the willis report a 6:00 and 9:00 eastern right here fashion. [talking over each other] >> breaking news let's look at oil closing down $1.25 on the day at $9.86 a barrel for the week, crude futures managed to rise a mere $0.14 with a big
2:39 pm
drop today. democrats want another tax hike to stop automatic defense cuts but that plan has any chance in congress? the story is ahead. tracy: the latest in luxury boating and the boat show. and a preview, a little bit of rain. cheryl: there is one boating company, one manufacturing a 52 week high yesterday and the stock is up 50% over the last year and this is a boston whaler. my new friend is going to teach me how to drive this boat. the ceo will be joining me after a quick commercial break. you are walking markets now. it's a new day.
2:40 pm
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2:42 pm
batteries in the new 8350 carolina, switching to standard batteries, regulatory and certification issues could delay initial delivery to the planes. the move comes after battery incidents on rival boeing's new 787 jet last month. federal reserve found in those for a production decline in manufacturing and mining. january down ending two months of production gains and that is the latest in business from the fox business network.
2:43 pm
tracy: 100,000 people think it is fun. from all over the world they expect to attend the miami international boat show this weekend, hundreds of millions of dollars. the sunshine state's economy, cheryl casone in miami with more. may not sunshine but plenty of
2:44 pm
boats. cheryl: lots of boats, lots of buyers, lots of money floating around miami this weekend. there is one bedding co. brunswick. this company the stock has been on a tear rising about 52%, and the gentleman sitting next to me, betsy mccord, ceo of brunswick, really love what you do, you love boats. >> who wouldn't love being out on water, great products, customers are great, consumers who buy this, they're very active and learn to live life very well. i have the greatest job in world. cheryl: one of the most popular boat, the boston whaler. one of the things you have been doing is changing the technology, test that out in the next hour on fox business.
2:45 pm
one of the things that is interesting is european exposure. and the fiscal cliff negotiations and many top customers, a sense of top buyers, and how much they spend on a boat? >> absolutely not. the boating industry was up 10% in the united states, our judgment is what happened is the buyer who has taken the tax increase knows what their life is going to be. it has been settled. the overhang of the fiscal cliff is over and they're ready to move on and enjoy life. cheryl: talk about international clientele, see raises are all over the world. are there any international markets you see as growth opportunities? >> we have 100% growth in brazil and opened up a new boat plan in brazil and serving the cruiser
2:46 pm
market. and significant growth in asia, countries around china benefiting from china growth. the international activity has done very well except for europe. europe was a problem last year and sales are down 15%. cheryl: one thing we saw a change, the italians are taxing both of ownership, 25% or 35%. >> not really, some exposure to the italian market, we are u.s.-based company with 20% of boat sales across brunswick, 40% of sales are outside the u.s. but the italian market -- [talking over each other] >> $280,000. cheryl: $250,000, this boston whaler can be yours, we will attempt to drive with the
2:47 pm
joystick, which me luck. tracy: we will notify the coast guard. ashley: time for stocks with nicole petallides on the floor of the nyse. nicole: taking a look, under the umbrella, really pulling some names including north based wrangler, lee, timberland. here's a look at the stock up 3%. the vehicle comes out with numbers for the quarter and earnings in revenue here that looks really good and an outlook that is stronger and as a result you see the stock here jumping. there's a three month chart for you, a good move here. tracy: liz claman will have an exclusive interview with the ceo on "countdown to the closing bell". ashley: and new plan to cut defense cuts, two weeks away.
2:48 pm
details next. tracy: the ceo of the harlem globetrotters here next. ask how the payroll tax is going. consumer talks on the bottom line. as we fought to break, the dow is down 51 points, some winners on the nasdaq, monster beverage up almost 8%. we will be right back. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. cainvestment objectives, prrisks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience.
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ashley: if congress fails to act in two week $85 billion in spending cuts are set to kick in, democrats have a plan to fix these cuts but does it stand a chance? rich edson has more on that. rich: it does not.
2:52 pm
the same odds of passing both houses of congress as the previous republican plan, zero. both sides have their opening offers, neither has shown a sincere willingness to move off of them. senate democrats are offering a minimum 30% effective tax rate for income of $1 million, tax increase itself of $54 billion, raising taxes on certain oil producers, cutting spending and the military, that appears to drop anyway with the drawdown continuing in afghanistan and ending direct farm subsidies. democrats are demanding republicans sign off on their plan. >> this month the republicans are engaged in some early march madness. they are playing games with the economy, playing not -- games with jobs for the american people, playing games with their investments in the future. connell: john boehner says these cuts will continue unless congress passes a law to put the country on a path to a balanced budget and next decade. as for the urgency in avoiding
2:53 pm
these automatic cuts march 1st, both houses are out all next week. ashley: that speaks volumes, thank you. tracy: they have been an american institution when it comes to family entertainment for 87 years. they are still breaking box office records and forging a new partnership. joining us now kirk schneider, ceo of the harlem globetrotters. cool job, by the way. everyone should know you were with the w. e. b. before that and had a string of cool jobs. we have an economy and customer that is struggling, not allow discretionary income, ticket prices are reasonable, they are about $30. still have to feed them and get signatures and -- >> big night out but unlike other events out there we come to your town one time the year, something you can plan on and get excited about and guaranteed good time for everyone in the
2:54 pm
family. if you cut back on different areas why not go to a separate one for brother and separate one for sister and this is one event everyone to come to together with an average price of $30. tracy: we are having a lot of issues with professional athletes these days, between drugs and whatever else? >> wholesome entertainment and all our guys are completely clean and exude wholesomeness. for us, i had a friend come the other night, he said this doesn't exist anymore. it is wholesome entertainment. i feel great about bringing my kids here. tracy: background check, they have obviously to be really funny and sweet and good -- >> great basketball players and great people. they have to be. tracy: let's talk about branding this. i remember how great it was. passing this on to the next generation. >> we did three think over the last six years. one is we need to get a whole new generation of kids, we have
2:55 pm
to return to popularity, pop culture, dissipated out and create platforms outside of the arena that we can interact with and monetize so for kids what we did is started getting out, besides the games themselves, all over social media, our score which tells you how good you are on social media, the same as kim kardashian. tracy: what about you? >> the note that is good or not. tracy: a bunch of smaller -- >> tons of pop culture, a guy who is 7 foot 8 and video of him dunking on youtube and dunks without jumping and that had 5.5 million views. we had two guys on amazing raise. year-and-a-half ago i was in long island and and we had a game after our training camp. we had these kids, 6 or 7 great, i walked in with curly which was all the adults. and we had curly hand nostalgia
2:56 pm
forever. i walked in with curly, no one knew who he was except the principal and the gym teacher. then flight time and the easy walk in and the crowd erupted. so i said right then and there we have that in. we have a new generation of kids, they have a relationship for themselves, not their parents dragging them. they want to go. tracy: let talk about overseas. china, in europe, games going on in spain. how was that going? >> we resonate which is terrific. we don't -- tracy: is that where the money is going to come from overseas? >> china is huge, and office over there, two big partnerships, largest dairy company in china and $0.10 which is the google of china. the deal with one of them with new springs for schools and clinics for school kids all over the country and $0.10 to launch a new browser to go to the university and had four guys and our mascot entertaining hundreds of thousands of kids. tracy: chinese play basketball
2:57 pm
too. >> breast cancer awareness, a huge epidemic to so many people and we didn't want to do it just for october which is what everyone does. we want to do all year long. we have a part of the show where we play with a two basketballs. the fans vote on it. we let fans vote on our rules. tracy: i know. >> one of the rules is two basketballs and we play with two pink basketball for awareness for breast cancer awareness and then we sell pink wristbands and donate a portion of proceeds to the susan g. homan foundation for the cure. 270 games, 230 markets. tracy: we have got to go but new players, women on the team this year, check tnt out in new jersey or new york. >> new york and seattle weekend. we will travel hot, three units. tracy: a lot of basketball. thank you so much.
2:58 pm
>> always great stuff. ashley: so entertaining. liz claman will take us through the last hour of trading, the ceo of vhf corp. talking about opportunities withstand overseas, top-selling brands like jackets and shoes, the stock on fire over the last year. "countdown to the closing bell" is next. [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats andaily live webinars. and trade with papermoney to test-drive the market. ♪ all on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade.
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